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About Me

Triple J Charters, LLC was established in 2023 with the mission of serving families and the community to provide them the opportunity to experience and create memories fishing the Laguna Madre in South Texas. As young as I can remember, my Father would tell me stories about how Grandpa Lozano loved fishing and he would fish a stream, canal, pond, lake, and the bay any chance he would get. I remember my Dad taking me fishing with my Grandfather and my Uncles at the old fishing pier at South Padre Island, TX. 

Left to Right: Dad, Tio Ovidio, Grandpa Lozano, and Tio Leonel

One Summer, my Dad was able to set up a guided trip with a fishing guide out of Port Isabel. We were able to hit up on a school of trout near the old causeway. It was fun and exciting pulling trout after trout, but I knew what my Dad really wanted to catch was a trophy size Red Drum. We asked the guide to put on Reds, so we went to Mexiquita Flats and pressed our luck with live finger mullet, but we were unable to hook up on any Reds. I know my Dad is smiling in the picture we took together after that trip, but I knew he was not satisfied with his catch. 

1st Guided Trip_edited.jpg
Left to Right: Dad and I
Grandpa Macias 006.jpg
Left to Right: Tia Olga, my Dad, and Grandpa Macias

My Dad began taking my Mom and sisters out on endless Friday night trips in South Padre Island Pier. I remember staying up late those nights and I saw my Dad's determination and persistence fishing with hopes of landing a trophy fish. After countless trips, he never landed a trophy fish. 

East Cut Reds_02 5-31-2005.JPG
Left to Right: Coach Roger and I
Saucer Hole 6-27-2008 010_edited.png
Coach Mike
24 Inch Red_04 Summer of '04_edited.jpg
Left to Right: Nephew Jonathan, Me, and Nephew Nathaniel (1st Slot Red)

After my Grandpa Lozano passed away and my Dad began establishing Triple J Organics, LLC, fishing time with the family became scarce. Time passed and I returned back from Texas A&M University College Station to begin my teaching/coaching career at Mission Jr. High in Mission, TX. I was fortunate enough to become very good friends with Coach Mike Saenz and Coach Roger Perales. It was the Summer of 2003, Coach Roger invited my Dad and I fishing to the East Cut Channel in Port Mansfield, TX and it was then that I was able to experience catching my first Bull Red measuring 42 inches. I remember the rush and excitement that night reeling in that Bull Red and it was then that I knew that catching trophy fish was a possibility. I regained an interest in fishing and began going out fishing with Coach Mike Saenz on his boat. We began taking trips out of Arroyo City, TX and I remember catching my first slot Red. Although we only caught one fish, the fishing fever was setting in. 

I wanted my Dad to experience that rush and excitement, so I was determined to become my Dad's personal guide. I was fortunate to be taken under the guidance of Capt. Ray "T Red" Rodriguez, the "T" does not stand for too tall, and I was able to grasp all that I can learn fishing evenings and nights in the Lower Laguna Madre. My Dad and I were very fortunate to be invited Flounder giggin' with Capt. Ray and it was then I was introduced to the world of Flounder Giggin'. After that trip, I was eager to replicate Capt. Ray's flounder light using a car headlight attached to 2 inch pvc pipe. Back then, LEDs hadn't been developed. 

Dec 1st 004_edited.jpg
Capt. Ray "T" Red
"Men Envy Him... Women Want Him... and Fish Fear Him.."

Since 2007, I have been able to take my family and friends out fishing and my joy came from seeing their excitement and smiles catching their first fish. I wish to serve and provide families opportunities to experience that excitement and capture those memories with Triple J Charters, LLC. 

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